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Complete door shop services, from installing glass to prehanging, drilling and mortising for hinges and knobs. We can deal with all of your door problems.

We’ve got everything you’ll need to install your new door.

An extensive selection of doors from some of the best brands in the business! And if you are looking for something unique, we are happy to order a special door for you.

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  • Prehung Door Workorder Form (pdf)

  • Machine to Match Worksheet (pdf)

If your existing door frame is straight and true, why replace it with a prehung door?

The door shop at Windsor can machine your new door to fit your existing door jamb, as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just follow these easy steps and you’ll have your new doors up in no time... and save yourself some money too.

  1. Take off your existing doors and door hardware and bring them in to Windsor Plywood.
  2. Our carpenter will measure the exact spots for the hinges and doorknob, using your old door as a template. A little drilling and mortising, and you’re on your way!
  3. Back home, install your hinges and doorknob in the predrilled spots, hang your door in place, and you're done. Easy!

Our Door Shop can prehang, drill the hole for your doorknob and mortise for hinges, and install glass lites in exterior doors.

We can help you update your current door.

Have a great door you love but want an update? Maybe it is a solid door you would like to add a window to. We can do that. Maybe it has a window and you want to change the window shape or style of glass. We can do that too.

At Windsor Plywood Regina, we are dedicated to your doors.