Gift Accounts

Did you know you can set up a gift account at Windsor Plywood Regina?

Gift accounts are the perfect housewarming gift for first time home buyers! Starter homes often need renovation work and even the ones that don't, can always use some outdoor work to make entertaining at home comfortable. And entertaining at home will save money!

You can send gifts in multiples of $25.00 or multiples of $100.00. Your gift will be added to the total gift certificate issued. Keep reading to learn how to set up a gift account...
It's as EASY as 1-2-3!

1. Select your gift amount.
(Multiples of $25 will give you the option for $50, $75, etc. and multiples of $100 will give you the option for $200, $300, etc...)

2. Fill in the last name on the gift account and your name for the list of gift contributors.
(Names of all contributors will be provided with the gift certificate.)

3. Hit Buy Now and in the window that opens, verify your gift amount is correct.
(You can change the quantity in the pop up window to change the total gift amount.)
Select Gift Amount
Last Name of Gift Recipient
Your Name For Gift Certificate
Note: A Paypal account is not required to buy with your credit card!
How it Works:

If you are contributing to a gift account that has already been set up, use the simple 3 step process at the top right to send your gift.

1. To set up a Gift Account, click here to send us an email or stop by the store at 920 Bower Crescent.

2. Share the information with friends, family and on social media so they can contribute.

3. Let out of town loved ones know they can send a gift from their home - all without stepping out the door!

The gift certificate will be issued for the total value of the gift account to be presented to your recipient... and when they come in to the store to shop...
Windsor Plywood Regina will give them 15% OFF* their total order as a gift from us!
*15% off applies to all regularly priced items.

Great for wedding gifts too!
We know how difficult it can be for young, just married couples to start out on their own. We also know that for family and friends from away that cannot make the wedding date, gift delivery can be difficult. Now you can help give the happy couple a gift that will help them build their dream - right from your home.
Literally from your home to theirs!
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